Main Speakers

The International Conference on Design Principles and Practices will feature plenary sessions by some of the world's leading thinkers and innovators in the field, as well as numerous parallel presentations by researchers and practitioners.

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The Speakers

  • Damian Barton

    Damian Barton is an Australian furniture and product designer whose work has attracted broad critical attention over the last several years for its style and trademark wit. His Quark collection has been highly praised, receiving the Design Institute of Australia's Excellence in Design Award, featured as a design discovery by Metropolis magazine at 2005's ICFF exhibit (NYC), and most recently several of his pieces contracted to go into commercial production with a leading Italian manufacturer after exhibiting in Milan in 2006. His work has also been selected by renowned curators, Vitra & the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum (Ellen Lupton) for worldwide exhibitions along with Max Fraser for inclusion in Design UK 05 (London). He is also Design Director for Arquitectonica Products, a leading architectural firm based in Miami with the focus on architectural and interior products working with foremost manufacturers such as Wolf Gordon (wall coverings), Fontana Arte (lighting), Architex (textiles), Brayton Int'l (contract seating) Projects (wrist watches and clocks) and Formica (laminates). He will be vice chair of the Industrial Designer Society of America's Florida chapter in 2008.

    Prior to pursuing his degree in Industrial Design, he completed a four-year apprenticeship in Furniture Making. In 2003, he relocated his multidisciplinary design studio concentrating on modern furniture and product development from Australia to America. Working with an array of materials and technologies, Barton's designs are recognized for inspiring interaction through the fusing of function and form, and has been featured in several renown exhibitions and publications internationally.

  • Klaus Krippendorff

    Klaus Krippendorff, Grad. Designer (Ulm School); Ph.D. (U. of Illinois); Gregory Bateson Professor for Cybernetics, Language, and Culture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. He is a Past President of the International Communication Association (ICA), elected Fellow of AAAS and ICA, recipient of the Norbert Wiener Medal for contributions to cybernetics and member of the editorial boards of numerous academic journals. He contributed over a hundred articles and book chapters on design, human communication theory, methodology in the social sciences and cybernetics, and authored The Analysis of Communication Content (Co-editor), Content Analysis, An Introduction to its Methodology (translated into four languages), Communication and Control in Society (Editor), Information Theory, Design in the Age of Information (Editor) and The Semantic Turn, A New Foundation for Design. He brings his scholarly interest in human communication to design – organizing conferences and workshops on product semantics – and applies his experiences as designer to the field of communication and culture – exploring how social reality is constructed through language.

  • John Marquette

    John Marquette is an artist, educator and architect in the Miami area with a strong interest in community service and creative renewal. He manages a studio in the city's Design District ( and is involved in numerous architectural projects in Miami.

  • Deana McDonagh

    Deana McDonagh is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design in the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). She has published widely in the area of design research, research methodologies and the emotional domain with product design. As a design research consultant she has worked closely with industry and academic groups within Europe and North America. She recently co-organised her second conference (IMPACT: The Synergy of Design, Technology and Engineering) with the Industrial Design Society of America (Mid West District), which brought together leaders in industry, design and academia. She is a co-editor of the Design Journal and an elected member of the Peer Review Committee for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council, which is the UK’s main research council.

    She is a passionate advocate of participative designing processes and has devoted the last 10 years to developing research methods that support more effective product development by satisfying users supra-functional needs. Her latest edited book brings together contributions from eminent luminaries such as Bruce Nussbaum (editor of Business Week), Dan Formosa (Smart Design), Karim Rashid (Karim Rashid Inc.), Don Palac (NASA), Velma Velazquez (IDEO), Tucker Viemeister (Springtime), Herb Velazquez (Kimberly-Clark) and many others (publication date October 2005).

  • Mario Antonio Minichiello

  • Mario Minichiello is the Head of Department and Chair of Visual Communications programmes at Birmingham City University BIAD, faculty of Art and Design, Britain.

    He is also a visiting research Fellow at the University of Sydney, School of art. An award winning artist and designer producing both inspirational and often controversial reportage artwork for broadcast media including television, broadsheet newspapers and magazines. Professor Minichiello has recently been a guest on a number of broadcast debates on the role of art in society and has most recently taken part in an interview with Press TV, this was broadcast on a number of international channels including al-Jazeera.

    Professor Minichiello’s work for BBC Newsnight’s coverage of the ‘Spy Catcher trial’ was described by the leading human rights barrister, and Law Lord Anthony Lester QC: "a political cause célèbre, a clash between Government, the media and the courts - demonstrating for many the need for a Human Rights Act - one of the most memorable contributions were the works by Mario Minichiello." He was been involved in reportage work and academic discourse concerning the Afghanistan conflict, focusing on the impact of conflict on global media networks and its psychological effects on viewers. The resulting work has been featured in a number of academic publications as well as in collections of political and cross cultural art sites around the world. Most Recently his work caused controversy when he drew at the APEC international summit as part of his research work with Sydney University School of Arts, a selection of these drawings were published in the Sydney Morning Harold and some original works are in the British Council’s art collection.

    His current research interests include the globalizing affect of visual communications media and the potential empowering nature of handmade art - in particular its ability to reveal and retain cultural identity and communicate human values. He is investigating the application of art and design process to medical and social needs, including the functions of drawing as a mediator for the expression of cultural diversity and as an analytical tool. Publications and website based collections are available at: and And at